Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mentorship Program Continuing

If you're a yoga teacher and you'd like to connect with other yoga teachers and talk about what comes up as we get into the reality of being yoga teachers, please consider joining us for the Mentorship Program. In addition to just talking, each session has a different focus, addressing different aspects of being a yoga teacher including, marketing, assisting, balancing life with being self-employed and topics that are of special interest to yoga teachers.

The main part of the program consists of 5 2-hour sessions, once per month as a group, 5 half-hour phone calls with a mentor (me or Kat), and an on-site visit to one of your yoga classes for feedback and support. In addition, you can attend the ongoing monthly meetings that are happening the other 7 months.

Our last main group wrapped up in September and we've moved on to the guest speaker sessions. The next one coming up is back by request. Ian Fraser, a yoga teacher for over 20 years, will join us to answer your questions about leading the bandhas and other advanced practices to your students. Come and join us on Tuesday, November 19 from 2:30-4:30 in Old Ottawa South.

If you would just like to drop in and join us in this small group, the cost is $50. If you're enrolled in the Mentorship module (or would like to be in the next main session), the cost of the workshop is $25.

December's workshop will have Catriona Leger visit with us. Catriona is a long-time yoga practitioner and a current professor of Theatre at the University of Ottawa. Her experience of telling stories with movement will be tapped at our workshop.

Our next main Mentorship Module will begin again on January 21 when Kat's back from teaching yoga in India.

For more information, please get in touch with me or Kat.