Posture Clinic- Asana Module

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the poses you're doing in a yoga asana class? It's hard to learn all of the details of a yoga pose in a regular class even if you practise the pose time and time again. Have you ever wondered which muscles are doing what in your practice? What's happening inside your body and why it's beneficial to you?

The Posture Clinics course is an opportunity to learn about basic yoga poses and some fundamental human anatomy as it relates to yoga. This course also makes up the Asana and Anatomy unit for the YTT.  Whether taking this as part of the teacher training stream or simply to learn more about the postures you'll find in a typical yoga class, this course is designed for you.

We will go over groups of poses in detail, learning the benefits and precautions for the poses, as not every pose is recommended for every person. We will learn how to safely transition in and out of postures and how to modify postures based on common situations that arise to limit our full expression of the pose.

What an opportunity to enrich our knowledge of yoga and further our own practice, deepening our experience as we go back to practise in open yoga classes or at home on our mats! If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, this unit is of special importance as it forms one of the prerequisites to receiving a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate.

This rich, experiential course will be taught by Jamine, Kat and other experienced guest teachers who can't wait to share their depth of experience with you.

Jamine and Kat have been leading yoga classes for years to all levels of people. They have led teacher training programs in Ottawa and abroad over the past decade and together have been teaching their own dynamic style for the past few years.