Four Paths

The Four Paths is a creative, fun and experiential course where we explore the four major paths of yoga:

·      Bhakti Yoga
·      Karma Yoga
·      Jnana Yoga
·      Raja Yoga

This unique course is completed with other people, creating a community of yogis and yoginis who are out to discover more about yoga, especially outside of a typical hatha yoga class.

The unit is composed of four (4) hours of facilitated group workshop time and 16 hours of exploration in the community - approximately four (4) hours in each of the paths to start.  A booklet with notes and guidelines is provided to participants the first session.  

We meet as a group the first night and go over a bit of the history of yoga and into the paths themselves. Together we brainstorm potential activities that could explore each path and folks take it from there. We find the mystical and the yoga within our own city. A communication network is established and folks end up sharing adventures as well as doing their own thing. The final evening brings everyone back to go over lessons learned from the experiences along each path and to tie it all together before concluding the course.

Some of the ideas of activities people have come up with in past sessions include: attending a kirtan (Bhakti), volunteering at different events (Karma), attending a lecture on philosophy (Jnana), and going to a meditation centre to meditate (Raja). You don't have to be a part of the official Four Paths group to attend any of the events! But you would need to get on the email list if you were interested in joining.

There is no cost for this workshop as it's a community-oriented project for us. Depending what folks choose to explore, they might need to incur minor expenses as they go.

Past participants included folks enrolled in our 200 and 500 yoga teacher training programs as well as members of the general public. It's open to everyone. Great discoveries were made and feedback was very positive. Maybe you'd like join us!