Namaste Yoga Teachers and anyone interested in becoming one!

Since Spring of 2011, the Makata Living Yoga School has been officially registered as a Yoga School that meets the National Educational Standards of Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 300hr requirements.

Jamine Ackert ( and Kat Mills ( ) are experienced Yoga Teachers who have collaborated to develop the school. They are currently its principle teachers. Both are E-RYT 500 designated and have been teaching and studying yoga for well over 20 years.  As well as directing the Living Yoga School, they respectively teach and work on other projects within Ottawa and abroad.  

The teacher training process is professional and personal. We are very experienced with developing teachers and we are both faculty in other Teacher Training programs as well as our own. 
If you're interested in studying with us, let us know and we'll be happy to walk you through the details and assist you in determining what is best for you.  Ultimately, we want what is best for you and if this concept doesn't work out for your training we may be able to refer you another program that could be a better fit!

The course is flexible, effective, interactive, and lots of fun according to the people who've been studying with us.  We have graduates of both the 200 and 500hr level, whom you'll likely meet along the way. Because it has a modular approach, it's  a pay-as-you go option and this can provide some tremendous benefits for your schedule and learning. 

How it Works~ and it really does:)
Curriculum design is modular, to allow for flexibility, variety and effective participation. Most of the courses are available to anyone interested in understanding yoga. If you decide you want to teach, or want to complete your 300hr (for 500hr certificate) this is where the specialized training kicks in. You then must successfully complete the teacher-focused BTT 200- Learn to Teach or the BTT500- Deepen Your Practice/Leadership modules. 

This is what you do:
1. Speak with us
2. Take these different modules as you can:
  • Living Yoga 1: Bringing Yogic Priniciples to Life
  • Living Yoga 2: Exploring Yoga Sutras
  • Posture Clinics (Asana & Anatomy)
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Four Paths of Yoga
3. Once you've completed the modules, you can join us in the Teacher-Specific trainings:

Be the Teacher - Learn to Teach 
This intensive course empowers participants to become professional yoga teachers who can confidently, safely and creatively lead a hath yoga class of their own.  It's comprised of five full days that can run either as one week or over two weekends. Dates are confirmed once a group is formed. 

Be the Teacher - Deepen your Practice and Leadership This intensive course is for Yoga Teachers. It provides teachers with the opportunities to deepen their own practice with like-minded people as well as to develop and hone their professional leadership skills. It's comprised of seven full days, that can either run as one week or over two long weekends. Dates are determined once a group is formed.

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

This module is part of the 300hr certification and can also be taken as simply an ongoing professional development course.  Together we explore the physical, energetic and mental systems of the body using hands-on experiential learning techniques to enhance personal understanding and ability to handle situations that come up in our yoga classes. 

Mentorship for Yoga Teachers
We love it so much it has its own tab! Please go check it out- this module can be part of 300ytt or taken on it's own simply for personal & professional ongoing development and community.


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