A Meditation Smorgasbord

In this workshop we will sample a few different meditation styles each week and then take time to practise them at home.

In addition to trying the meditation styles on our own, we will share our experiences with others.

The upcoming workshop dates are Sunday, March 30, April 6, April 13 from 10 - 12.

Meditation has been known to have many benefits including a deeper sense of relaxation and understanding of ourselves, leading to greater compassion. 

This workshop can be taken alone or as part of the greater Yoga Teacher Training programs offered through Makata Living Yoga.

Jamine leads this workshop with her years of experience of learning meditation and practising different styles through trial and error. Jamine has studied meditation in Thailand way back in 1990 and through her years at Kripalu, 1991-1994, some Vipassana in 1996, exposure to a wide variety of meditation teachers including Ram Dass and others while working full-time at Omega, sitting with Pema Chodron in more recent times and countless hours of practice here in Ottawa. She wrote her iPhone app, Easy Meditation, as a guide for people trying to learning meditation on their own and has been offering Learn to Meditate workshops in Ottawa since 2003.