This course is made up of two separate, established programs that Kat offers that have been combined for students taking this as a module for the Living Yoga curriculum. Included is a four-hour workshop called Breathe Foundations and four Breathe Classes, gentle yoga practices that incorporate the breath. Both are hands-on experiential sessions that emphasize the basics of breathing effectively using fundamental yogic techniques.

Breathe Foundations is a workshop established by Kat in 2008, that introduces fundamental breathing techniques practiced in yoga and how they work. Some of the techniques covered include abdominal breath, alternate nostril breathing, brahmari and kapalabhatti. In this four hour, interactive workshop, we explore the benefits of breathing well, what impacts our breath and how to integrate these effective techniques easily into our daily life.

The Breathe Classes were also developed by Kat and have also been running since 2008.

There's more on these classes through if you'd like more information.

Teaching Breathe Classes~ a course for teachers looking to bring more pranayama into their classes as well as how to lead the popular Breathe Classes.


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