Thanks to our past students for writing in with some testimonials for us!

I am happy to be able to tell everyone how much I have enjoyed the Living Yoga Program with Jamine and Kat. My name is Leslie Glover and I have been passionate about practising Yoga for the last ten years. Jamine has been my teacher for those ten years and I have taken workshops with her over that period. Her integrity and passion led me to take the Hatha Teacher Training, which I completed. The desire to become more familiar with Yoga philosophy more than teaching was my prime motivation. 
I was so happy to meet Kat through Jamine and to have been exposed to her teaching and can easily use the words integrity and passion about her as well. 
I began the Living Yoga Program last fall and I completed the second module in August and already miss those Tuesday nights. Each week was an invitation to explore so many ideas. Studying with other like-minded people in a safe and welcoming space was indescribable and always relevant to my everyday life (relationships). 
Jamine and Kat have such a unique teaching style and mesh their respective backgrounds so well. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next session. 
Leslie Glover (September 2012)

My name is Anna Weltman and I did a course with Jamine and Kat on “Yoga Philosophy and the Sutras.”  I found it to be a very refreshing and interactive experience.  I learned so much, was encouraged to broaden my horizons, and took part in much discussion and debate with the other students, all of whom had unique perspectives and creative ideas to share. 
The class always started and ended on time, various interesting resources were used, and it always felt like an open, warm environment. It was very experiential and I really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere in which it took place. 
Whether I keep studying towards completing their teacher training, or just take the odd course out of interest, I feel that this is time well spent and very enlightening! The teachers know their stuff and facilitate the class with grace and ease!
 Anna Weltman (September 2012)

The eight-week course with Jamine Ackert and Kat Mills was awesome - in terms of my being able to apply the principles learnt during the course to guide my day-to-day living.
Havelin Anand (November 2011)

I wanted to take the Living Yoga program to really incorporate yogic philosophy into my life. The course really helped me to begin a practice of living yoga. While we learned all about the yamas and niyamas, it is the practice of them and seeing how this practice can affect our lives that was really interesting and inspiring. Because the Living Yoga is really about this practice, and doing the practice during the time of the course, it is great to take even if you've already learned about these areas. The course will be different every time and full of interesting discussions and insights into yourself and others. I highly recommend it! (And would take it again as it will always be different!) :)
Connie Hart (November 2011)

The living yoga program was a wonderful opportunity to examine in-depth the yamas and niyamas in a small intimate setting. I learned a great deal about myself, some of it wonderful, much of it prompting me deeper into self-study. I learnt a tremendous amount from other group members. Many thanks to Kat and Jamine. As gifted teachers and yogis, their insight and guidance have been invaluable. Thank you.
Deborah Brown (November 2011)

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